Checkbox Widget

Use a checkbox to turn on/off the visibility of meshes in a scene.

See pyvista.WidgetHelper.add_checkbox_button_widget() for more details.

# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_number = 2
import pyvista as pv

Single Checkbox

mesh = pv.Sphere()

p = pv.Plotter()
actor = p.add_mesh(mesh)

def toggle_vis(flag):

p.add_checkbox_button_widget(toggle_vis, value=True)
checkbox widget

Multiple Checkboxes

In this example, we will add many meshes to a scene with unique colors and create corresponding checkboxes for those meshes of the same color to toggle their visibility in the scene.

colors = [["ff0000", "28e5da", "0000ff"],
          ["ffff00", "c8bebe", "f79292"],
          ["fffff0", "f18c1d", "23dcaa"],
          ["d785ec", "9d5b13", "e4e0b1"],
          ["894509", "af45f5", "fff000"]]

class SetVisibilityCallback:
    """Helper callback to keep a reference to the actor being modified."""
    def __init__(self, actor): = actor

    def __call__(self, state):
# Widget size
size = 50

p = pv.Plotter()

Startpos = 12
for i, lst in enumerate(colors):
    for j, color in enumerate(lst):
        actor = p.add_mesh(pv.Sphere(center=(i, j, 0)), color=color)
        # Make a separate callback for each widget
        callback = SetVisibilityCallback(actor)
        p.add_checkbox_button_widget(callback, value=True,
                                     position=(5.0, Startpos), size=size,
        Startpos = Startpos + size + (size // 10)
checkbox widget

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