Getting Started#

Why PyVista?

Learn more about why we created PyVista as an interface to the Visualization Toolkit (VTK).

Why PyVista?

Authors & Citation

Using PyVista in your research? Please consider citing or acknowledging us. We have a publication!

Authors & Citation

See PyVista in External Efforts

Take a look at third party projects using PyVista

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Working with conda?

PyVista is available on conda-forge

Prefer pip?

PyVista can be installed via pip from PyPI.

In-depth instructions?

Installing a specific version? Installing from source? Check the advanced installation page.

Installing PyVista


For general questions about the project, its applications, or about software usage, please create a discussion in pyvista/discussions where the community can collectively address your questions. You are also welcome to join us on Slack or send one of the developers an email. The project support team can be reached at

Citing PyVista#

There is a paper about PyVista!

If you are using PyVista in your scientific research, please help our scientific visibility by citing our work! Head over to Citing PyVista to learn more about citing PyVista.