External Examples#

Here are a list of longer, more technical examples of what PyVista can do.


Please note that these examples link to external websites. If any of these links are broken, please raise an issue.

Do you have a technical processing workflow or visualization routine you would like to share? If so, please consider sharing your work here submitting a PR at pyvista/pyvista and we would be glad to add it.

pyFBS: Frequency Based Substructuring in Python
Coil Field Lines example in Magpylib
Ivan Nikolov on Neighbourhood Analysis
Ivan Nikolov on Voxelization
Ivan Nikolov on Visualization Libraries
Gradient Descent Visualizer
Stéphane Laurent’s artwork
Atmospheric Convection
Damavand Volcano
Anvil Cirrus Plumes
Optimization visualization with PyVista
FLEM: A diffusive landscape evolution model
Orvisu Demo Application
PyMeshFix’s example gallery
TetGen’s example gallery
PVGeo’s example gallery
FORGE Geothermal Project
OpenFOAM Rendering
3D Rendering with Discretize
3D visualization for the Open Mining Format (omf)